Acertijos para Genios


A collection of riddles to sharpen the mind


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Riddles and games of logic have always been one of the most popular pastimes, and probably many of us turn to them on a regular basis when we meet up with friends, family or even in the office.

As well as being entertaining, these games that push you to sharpen your mind with each answer end up being helpful to sharpen your ingenuity. Acertijos para Genios (Riddles for Genius) is a collection of problems and riddles created with this intention.

In Acertijos para Genios we will find a very easy interface in which the questions will be asked in two parts, a written and a graphical part (which will sometimes turn out to be essential). The collection of questions and answers is quite extensive, and you can select them directly from a drop-down menu in the screen´s top right margin.

The interface´s simplicity makes Acertijos para Genios a more than suitable game for adults as well as for the younger ones, and there are no technical requirements. So if you want to wake up that sleeping mind, this game is for you.
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